Our Mission

No Smile Left Behind’s mission is to overcome barriers to care to promote oral health and deliver compassionate dental care for one and all.

No Smile Left Behind is a state-of-the-art, self-contained dental office on wheels capable of meeting the comprehensive treatment needs of patients right where the patients happen to already be. Whether treatment is needed at homeless shelters, halfway houses, housing communities, resource centers, or any other venue, No Smile Left Behind can help!

No Smile Left Behind can save time, money, and hassle by arriving at locations which are already hosting the patients at the time of service. We provide convenient & excellent on-site dental care without requiring anyone to make an appointment, take time off at work, or juggle all the other demands of life just to make it to the dental office.

No matter what may make getting quality dental care difficult or inconvenient, No Smile Left Behind is happy to deliver compassionate care right where it’s needed.

The Mobile Office

No Smile Left Behind hosts a two-chair, comprehensive care mobile dental clinic on wheels which is fully modern and self-contained.