For Patients

How much will treatment cost? Is it free?

For adults ages 21+ with Medicaid:

Colorado Medicaid patients have three separate “pools” of funds which cover the cost of dental treatment:

  1. Routine treatment – $1,500 in coverage per patient each calendar year. Up to this $1,500 benefits limit, adults will receive treatment at no cost. To cover expenses beyond the $1,500 benefits limit, cash/card payment and financing options are available. For financing options, please see the “Do you offer financing?” question.
  2. Emergency treatment – Emergency treatment of severe tooth pain, infection, or trauma is covered at no cost and does not contribute towards the $1,500 annual benefits limit of the routine treatment pool.
  3. Denture treatment – The fitting and making of dentures (“plates”) to replace missing teeth is covered at no cost and does not contribute towards the $1,500 annual benefits limit of the routine treatment pool.

For adults who are ineligible for Medicaid and would struggle to pay cash:

First, double-check on the Medicaid websiteto see if you are actually eligible for Medicaid but currently unregistered. If you are truly ineligible for Medicaid and would struggle to pay cash, a significant discount on the “usual and customary” standard cash fees may be applied to select services in order to make treatment more affordable.

Cash payment, when necessary, is to be done via Square with credit/debit card.

Paper cash is never carried in the clinic or home office.

For adults with private insurance

The cost of treatment depends upon your particular insurance plan. Most often, private insurance plans tend to cover 100% of preventive care, 80% of fillings, extractions, and root canals, & 50% of more complicated procedures. We cannot, however, guarantee this will apply to you. You must check the details of your plan. We are capable of doing this inside the mobile office, as well.

For adults with Medicare

No Smile Left Behind accepts Medicare Part C and Medicare Advantage. Basic Medicare consists of Parts A and B. Parts A and B do not have dental insurance coverage. Medicare Part C and Medicare Advantage do typically include dental insurance coverage, and we do accept these plans.

Which treatments do you offer?

We perform exams, X-rays, diagnosis, cleanings, preventive fluoride, sealants, fillings, extractions, pulp therapy, emergency treatment, complete and partial dentures, and other treatments. For most patients, the treatments provided will be enough to meet their dental needs. If further treatment is needed, a referral to a qualified specialist will be provided.

For Facilities

How much will treatment cost? Is it free?

Facilities are not charged for any treatment provided to patients they represent. In the vast majority of cases, treatment will be at no cost to the parent(s)/guardian(s). Significant fee discounts and case-by-case pro bono work are available for those who are absolutely ineligible for any sort of insurance and cannot otherwise afford to pay.

Grant funding may be available to help eliminate the cost of treatment for those who are uninsured and cannot afford to pay discounted fees. No Smile Left Behind is happy to co-apply with your organization for grants to fund our treatment for your clients. Please let us know if you are interested in working with us to secure grant funding.

Will this create extra work for the staff in my organization?

Almost none at all! Nearly all of the administrative work is handled by NSLB staff.

Each facility is encouraged to have a single point of contact with No Smile Left Behind for simplicity. The point of contact must be able to make scheduling decisions on behalf of the facility.

Depending upon the nature of your organization, it may be necessary for one or more of your staff members to help promote our services to your clients. Fliers (which we provide) can be useful to minimize the amount of work necessary to promote our services. This tends to be necessary at sites like community corrections (halfway houses), resource centeres, and affordable housing communities but not necessary at sites like homeless shelters.

How can I get NSLB to serve my organization?

Send an email to to request our services. You may also call us directly at (720) 767-2851.

Which organizations are eligible for your services?

We are open to all inquiries for service from all organizations, and we are capable of treating all ages. Common sites of service include homeless shelters, community corrections (halfway houses), resource centers, apartment housing communities, community events, health fairs, behavioral health centers, churches, and more. If your type of organization is not on this list, please feel free to inquire about our services anyway. We’re always looking for new community partners!

Who assumes liability and when?

No Smile Left Behind assumes liability once a patient is in contact with the mobile office and maintains it until the patient is no longer in contact with the mobile office.